Completed in 2019, this fabulous facility is community managed and open throughout the summer season for the school, local community and visitors to enjoy.

A great place for families to relax and play ,the pool is also is a venue for a range of activities such as swimming lessons, Aqua-fitness classes, community & competition events.

Season or casual day keys can be purchased from either Waiau Hardware or, on weekends or public holidays, from Waiau "On the Spot" supermarket.


Main 25m pool depth 1m - 1.7m  solar heated

Smaller toddlers pool with beach entry and max. depth of 0.6m temperature controlled by heat pump

Toilets & Change facilities are available on site and there is ample seating & shade for spectators.


Click here to go to Waiau Pool website.


This is a non-lifeguarded pool and children require

supervision at all times




Pool Committee secretary: Caroline Eastmond